The Runners' Compendium

w/o June 3rd 2024

think about undercurrents as you write– movements and energies that flow beneath surfaces. what surfaces do they lay beneath? is it an undertone in skin or a song, a literal current, a political movement?

HOW TO READ: left to right, row by row.

CW: some strong language.

The Runners' Compendium (read left to right, row by row. click on the image to make it larger - does not work on mobile).

wanted to try my hand at a handmade zine - hope my handwriting is at least somewhat legible. I had fun making it, and I like that there is something of a rough quality to it. the word 'undercurrent' for some reason reminded me of the different currents of people running a marathon, however looking back at it now it feels like I got stuck on the word 'current' instead and it doesn't answer the prompt all that well after all. I'm still pretty proud of it, just feeling a bit embarrassed. thanks for reading!